2016-05-23 03:58
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JQuery load()使Jquery函数多次触发

This is my code. It loads the pages content without refresh.

The problem is when I click on button handled by jQuery and ajax it fires as many times as I load the pages.

For e.g. If loaded 2 pages, jQuery will fire twice

If I loaded 4 pages, jQuery will load 4 times.

            //set trigger and container

            var trigger = $('#nav ul li a'),
                container = $('#container');
            //do on click

            trigger.on('click', function(e){

               /* reload content without refresh */
                //set loading img
                $('#container').append('<div id = "loading">WAIT...  <img src = "img/ajax-loader-small.gif" alt="Currently loading"   /></div>');
                //change img location to center
                $("#loading").css({"position": "absolute", "left": "50%", "top": "50%"});
                //get the  trigger to reload the contents
                var $this = $(this),
                    target = $this.data('target');

                container.load(target + '.php');

              //  return false;

This script fires as many times as I load the page through load() function which mean same post will be inserted many times into the database



    $(document).on("click",".fa-pinterest-square",function(e) {

        var form = $(this).find('form'); //Since the form is child to <i>

            url: "includes/widgets/add_pains.php",
            type: "POST",
            data: form.serialize(),
            success: function(data) {




How can I fix this issue?

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  • dongmei8460
    dongmei8460 2016-05-23 04:01

    This happened because you didn't clear the event listener each time you load the script and the event listener stacked on each other caused trigger multiple times.

    trigger.off('click').on('click', function(){....})

    The .off() method removes event handlers that were attached with .on().

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  • douxi4287
    douxi4287 2016-05-23 04:44

    Please use this it will solve your problem

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  • doukang8949
    doukang8949 2016-05-23 06:32

    I fixed the problem by inserting the script in index.php, maybe it was called several time due to include the home page.

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