doufeiqiong3515 2017-08-08 05:24
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I installed Xampp on mac and I'm going to run my web application on local, which located on "/Data/MyApp/App".

I know I should put source codes inside htdocs. So I created an alias of "App" by right click -> Make Alias and put it to "Applications/Xampp/htdocs/". I changed alias name test. When I run localhost/test on chrome browser, I see empty screen but downloads unknown file test.

Instead, I paste whole sources(App) to htdocs with name test2 and localhost/test2 shows me correct screen according to the index.php inside of test2. Just note that file structures of test and test2 are exactly same.

Applications/Xampp/htdocs/test(alias)/index.php         // not working
Applications/Xampp/htdocs/test2(real folder)/index.php  // work well

What's wrong with this? Should I set something for making alias folder work inside htdocs?

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  • douti9253 2017-08-08 12:22

    Well, after struggling a few hours, I found what I was wrong. I removed alias folder which I created by right click -> Make Alias and created new one with this command.

    cd /Applications/XAMPP/htdocs
    ln -s /Data/MyApp/App test

    I'm not sure what was wrong with original alias.

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  • doufeikuang7724 2017-08-08 05:43

    An Alias has to point to a real location on your server. For example you can create the /test alias for your real working location test2 like this:

    Alias /test Applications/Xampp/htdocs/test2/

    Restart apache and then you will be able to access http://localhost/test

    For more information you should read how an apache alias works and how to define it:




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