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I am using cakePHP to connect to a database in XAMPP phpMyAdmin. I have added a new user, set the password and set the privilleges. I cannot for the life me create a connection to the database on my localhost. What I have done so far.... I have a live web server with a database. I can connect to this database no problem. I have a database running in MySQL workbench on localhost. I can connect to this no problem. This tells me that there is nothing wrong with my connection code and the problem must sit with phpMyAdmin in XAMPP. I have created a simple connection PHP script to try and connect to the database and it doesn't work. The same script can connect to my live web server and my localhost MySQL workbench database but not my XAMPP database. My connection script is as follows:


   $con= mysqli_connect("localhost","root","","test");
   // Check connection
   if (mysqli_connect_errno())
      echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error();

   // Perform a query, check for error
   if (!mysqli_query($con,"INSERT INTO Persons (FirstName) VALUES ('Glenn')"))
        echo("Error description: " . mysqli_error($con));



The error message I get is;

Failed to connect to MySQL: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)Error description:

If i go to phpMyAdmin in XAMPP and go to the test database I can clearly see that this user has full access. I have tried using the host name as, localhost and ::1. Nothing seems to work. I just dont understand why XAMPP will not let me connect to the database. I hope I'm not missing something obvious so any help will really be appreciated. here is a screen shot of the users and their privilleges for the database test

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  • duandai3964 2016-08-25 19:45

    That's the second reason why one should never use 'root' unless one knows exactly what one is doing. Only a few expirenced ones really know what they're doing each and every moment...

    Add a specific useraccount like 'data' on your localhost and grant it the needed priviledges on your DB.

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