2016-08-28 12:21
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Apparently, in PHP, there are a few DOM selectors like getElementById and getElementsByTagName but not the class selector, getElementsByClassName that is in javaScript, but strangely, not in PHP. Now, I have made a project that has to use class selectors in order to locate the elements in that particular page's DOM, but nethertheless, considering there's no getElementsByClassName method in PHP; I can't complete my project correctly.

So, how is it possible to apply "get elements by class name" in the PHP Document Object Model(DOM)?

Any help would be appreciated!

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显然,在PHP中,有一些 DOM选择器,如 getElementById < / code>和 getElementsByTagName 但不是 javaScript 中的类选择器 getElementsByClassName ,但奇怪的是 现在,我已经创建了一个必须使用类选择器的项目,以便在该特定页面的DOM中找到元素,但仍然是 ,考虑到PHP中没有 getElementsByClassName 方法; 我无法正确完成项目。

那么,如何在 PHP文档对象模型(DOM)中应用“按类名获取元素”? < / blockquote>


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