2011-12-23 10:02
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I have a class called "user" with a function "createAccount". Within it I like to access another class via PostageApp::mail

But as this class is outside the scope it is not accessible. global seams to work for variables only. So how do I make a class name global?


class user {
  function createAccount(...) {
    global PostageApp;


    $result = PostageApp::mail($mailTo, '', 'verify_email', array());

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我有一个名为“user”的类,其函数为“createAccount”。 在其中我喜欢通过PostageApp :: mail

访问另一个类但是由于此类不在范围内,因此无法访问。 global 接缝仅适用于变量。 那么如何使类名全局?

  include_once('../../ ext_scripts /'); 
class user {
 function  createAccount(...){
 $ result = PostageApp :: mail($ mailTo,'','verify_email',array()); 
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  • dsomm80482 2011-12-23 10:07

    If you are absolutely sure that the class has been defined in an included file, there is only one thing affecting its visibility in another file: I suppose the PostageApp class is in another namespace, as this is the only reason another class could have a different scope in PHP.

    The keyword global is only necessary for global variables. Functions and classes are always accessible in any scope as soon as they have been declared.

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