2011-09-15 15:48
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CSRF令牌 - 如何正确实施?

I've just setup a simple CSRF protection in my application. It creates a unique crumb which are validated against a session value upon submitting a form.

Unfortunately this means now that I can't keep multiple instances (tabs in the browser) of my application open simultaneously as the CSRF crumbs collide with each other.

Should I create an individual token for each actual form or use a mutual, shared crumb for all my forms? What are common sense here?

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我刚刚在我的应用程序中设置了一个简单的CSRF保护。 它创建了一个独特的crumb,它在提交表单时根据会话值进行验证。</ p>

不幸的是,这意味着我无法保持应用程序的多个实例(浏览器中的选项卡)打开 同时,当CSRF碎屑相互碰撞时。</ p>

我应该为每个实际表单创建一个单独的令牌,还是为我的所有表单使用共同的共享碎片? 这里有什么常识? </ p> </ div>

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