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For non-PHP based web-clients (JSON) making use of Laravel Controllers; What would be the potential alternatives to CSRF tokens in Laravel to secure web requests?

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  • dounang1974 2016-10-28 09:40

    If your API uses an authentication scheme that does not depend on the authentication token being sent automatically by the browser (which practically means the token or session id is not in a cookie), your API is not vulnerable to CSRF. This includes token-based auths, unless the token is stored in a cookie.

    If cookies are used to pass auth tokens (including session ids, which is the same in this respect), you need CSRF protection for all requests that change server state (mostly data, but also logon status or privilege level for example).

    For Laravel, you need to pass the token value from the XSRF-TOKEN cookie as a request header value in X-CSRF-TOKEN. With jQuery, this is easily accomplished in any client framework by reading the cookie value and adding it to requests:

      headers: {
        'X-CSRF-TOKEN': csrfCookieValue

    If your client is not browser based, you can implement a different protection than the one in Laravel already. OWASP has a cheat sheet on what your options are, probably double submit is the easiest to implement while being reasonably secure. In very short, you create a random token and send that to the server as a cookie and also as a request header, the server only compares whether the two (cookie and header) match. This works, because an attacker on a differnet origin (domain) cannot set or access a cookie for the application origin due to the same origin policy in browsers.

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