2012-05-11 21:25
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PHP on Windows does not include php_phar.dll which means that

when installing pear i have to do it like this php -d phar.require_hash=0 go-pear.phar because it would not install Graph part of pear

I cant use MakeGood for unit testing in Eclipse

I cant use phar in general

is there a way to get to the php_phar.dll or pear community just decided that they wont support windows servers?

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Windows上的PHP不包含 php_phar.dll ,这意味着 \ n

安装梨时我必须这样做php -d phar.require_hash = 0 go-pear.phar因为它不会安装梨的图形部分

I 无法在Eclipse中使用MakeGood进行单元测试


有没有办法进入php_phar.dll或pear社区 刚决定他们不支持Windows服务器?

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  • dongre1907 2012-05-22 07:57

    The phar extension is now a part of PHP that cannot be removed (statically built), so you do not need a .dll file for it.

    Run php -m to see it listed.

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