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如何在x秒后停止运行Javascript函数? [重复]

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I have a specific sweet alert on my website that I use for my div class that opens with onclick, but I want this onclick alert to stop after 60 seconds for example. So after 60 seconds the alert won't show up if I click the div.THis is what I got so far

<script type="text/javascript">
function JSalert(){
    swal("Error", "You have to watch the video first.", "error");

<div class="blocked" onclick="JSalert()">
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  • doudian6229 2018-08-09 11:57

    As I understand the question (and based on the translated text in the alert) :

    • Give a warning if the user clicks the div
    • after 60seconds (an eternity in web time (5s here for testing)) then don't show the alert when they click

    (From OPs: "after 60 seconds the alert won't show up if I click the div" or, put another way, "the alert won't show up if I click the div after 60 seconds")

    var showalert = true;
    setTimeout(function() { showalert = false; }, 5000);  /* 5s for testing */
    function JSalert(){
      if (showalert) {
        alert("Please don't click too soon");
    <div class="blocked" onclick="JSalert()">click me, but not too soon</div>

    This could be improved using data- attributes / jquery .data(), but the concept is the same.

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