2016-07-11 04:42
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SAML可以将非PingFederate SP与PingFederate IdP连接吗?

I'm a newcomer to the SAML world.

We have a project where the website (PHP) needs to be able to read SAML assertions from a PingFederate IdP server. I'd like to know whether it is possible to use OneLogin's SAML PHP Toolkit (or any other tool) as an SAML SP or if it is mandatory to have a Ping Federate server configured as an SP (as stated in the PHP Integration Kit requirements).

Would there be extra obstacles doing so ?


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我们有一个项目,网站(PHP)需要能够从PingFederate IdP服务器读取SAML断言。 我想知道是否可以使用 OneLogin的SAML PHP工具包(或任何其他工具) )作为SAML SP或者必须将Ping Federate服务器配置为SP(如 PHP集成套件要求


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  • duanjiao1256 2016-07-11 14:15

    To use Ping Identity's PHP Integration Kit, you must be licensed for and using PingFederate.

    For you, acting as the SP, there is no requirement for you to use PingFederate or the PHP Integration Kit offered by Ping Identity. You are free to use any SAML-compliant tool kit.

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