2013-11-18 10:47



I have generated drop-down box using loop. Now I want to get all value using J-Query for pass these value for insertion through Ajax.


<select name="travel[]" id="travel[]"  >
     <option   value="1">Car</option>
<select name="travel[]" id="travel[]"  >
     <option   value="2">Train</option>
<select name="travel[]" id="travel[]"  >
     <option   value="3">Bus</option>

After click on Save button , how to collect all values of travel. Please Help . Thanks in Advanced.

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  • dongren7374 dongren7374 8年前

    You can do this:

    var data = $('select[name="travel[]"]').map(function () {
        return $(this).val();
    console.log(data);    // ["1", "2", "3"] 

    This will return you an array with the value for all the dropdowns.

    Fiddle demo

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  • douliaodan2738 douliaodan2738 8年前

    why you are making name and id both as array type... i think one will enough if you really want to use array type.... then make id as unique for all...

      <select name="travel[]" id="abc">
      <select name="travel[]" id="def">
      <select name="travel[]" id="xyz">

    now you can access dropdown list easily..


    or else you can define uniq class for them if you really want array type id and name

       <select name="travel[]" id="travel[]" class="abc">
      <select name="travel[]" id="travel[]" class="xyz">

    and try like this...


    hope it may help you

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  • dqwh1202 dqwh1202 8年前

    I don't understand why you define three <select> elements with an index-based name, each containing a single <option>. You do know that a <select> element is exactly that - it gives the user a selection?

    With your current markup, the user doesn't get a choice about their selection - rather, travel[] will always be an array containing: 1,2,3.

    You'd be better to modify your markup as follows:

    <select name="travel" id="select_travel">
         <option value="1">Car</option>
         <option value="2">Train</option>
         <option value="3">Bus</option>

    Now you can easily access the value using:

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  • doutang3815 doutang3815 3年前

    you should try js like-

    var selectOption=$('#select_travel').val()
    var Id=selectOption.getAttribute('id');
    var name=selectOption.getgetAttribute('id');

    now you can take output on button click

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