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I am trying to take data that a user inputs into a form, created in blade, and transport that data to my controller. At that point I can use a function in my controller to write the data into MySQL.

Here is the code for the form which I have in my blade file.

<form action="{{ route("users") }}" method="post">

<input type ="form" id="firstname"> firstname </input> <br>
<input type ="form" id="lastname"> lastname </input> <br>
<input type="form" id="email"> email </input> <br>
<input type="form" id="userlevel"> userlevel </input> <br>
<input type="form" id="password"> password </input> <br>

<br> <br>
<button type="submit"> Submit

Here is the code in my controller which writes data into MySQL. The code works when I am using dummy data, instead of the $name and $lastname variables.

public function users()
    $name = $_POST["firstname"];
    $lastname = $_POST["lastname"];

    DB :: table("newUsers") -> insertGetId
        array("firstname" => $name, "lastname" => $lastname, "email" => "test")

    return view("pages.users");

I am currently getting an error that says

Undefined index: firstname

Ideally what I want to happen is for whatever the user entered for firstname and lastname to be written into my MySQL table.

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