2016-09-30 06:45
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What I am looking is equivalent of Document.parse()

in golang, that allows me create bson from json directly? I do not want to create intermediate golang structs for marshaling

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我正在寻找的内容等同于 Document.parse()

我直接从json创建bson吗? 我不想创建用于封送处理的中间golang结构

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  • douyin8623 2016-09-30 09:52

    The package has a function called UnmarshalJSON which does exactly what you want.

    The data parameter should hold you JSON string as []byte value.

     func UnmarshalJSON(data []byte, value interface{}) error

    UnmarshalJSON unmarshals a JSON value that may hold non-standard syntax as defined in BSON's extended JSON specification.


    var bdoc interface{}
    err = bson.UnmarshalJSON([]byte(`{"id": 1,"name": "A green door","price": 12.50,"tags": ["home", "green"]}`),&bdoc)
    if err != nil {
    err = c.Insert(&bdoc)
    if err != nil {
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