2016-01-05 06:48
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I am using golang with beego framework and I have problem with serving strings as json.

EventsByTimeRange returns a string value in json format

this.Data["json"] = dao.EventsByTimeRange(request) // this -> beego controller


How can I get rid of quotation marks?

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  • dtwxmn8741 2016-01-05 07:27

    you can re-define your json format string in a new type. this is a small demo

    package main
    import (
    type JSONString string
    func (j JSONString) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
        return []byte(j), nil
    func main() {
        s := `{"key1":0,"key2":0}`
        content, _ := json.Marshal(JSONString(s))
        fmt.Println(_, string(content))

    in your case you can write like this

    this.Data["json"] = JSONString(dao.EventsByTimeRange(request))

    BTW,golang-json package adds quotation marks because it treats your string as a json value,not a json k-v object.

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  • drygauost253590142 2016-01-05 07:23

    The string you got is a fine JSON formatted value. all you need is to unmarshal it into a correct type.

    See below code.

    However, I think you misunderstood the ServeJson(), it returns a JSON formatted string which your client will use it, and it does that just fine (see your question).

    If you remove the qoutes and slashes, You'll end up with invalid JSON string!

    package main
    import "fmt"
    import "log"
    import "encoding/json"
    func main() {
        var b map[string]int
        err := json.Unmarshal ([]byte("{\"key1\":0,\"key2\":0}"), &b)
        if err != nil{
            fmt.Println("error: ", err)

    You'll get: map[key1:0 key2:0]

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