2015-08-07 14:12
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Golang OS / EXEC,实时内存使用情况

I'm using Linux, go, and os/exec to run some commands. I want to know a process' realtime memory usage. That means that I can ask for memory usage anytime after I start the process, not just after it ran.

(That's why the answer in Measuring memory usage of executable run using golang is not an option for me)

For example:

cmd := exec.Command(...)
if cmd.Memory()>50 { 
    fmt.Println("Oh my god, this process is hungry for memory!")

I don't need very precise value, but it would be great if it's error range is lower than, say, 10 megabytes.

Is there a go way to do that or I need some kind of command line trick?

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  • dsdsds12222 2015-08-07 15:55

    Here is what I use on Linux:

    func calculateMemory(pid int) (uint64, error) {
        f, err := os.Open(fmt.Sprintf("/proc/%d/smaps", pid))
        if err != nil {
            return 0, err
        defer f.Close()
        res := uint64(0)
        pfx := []byte("Pss:")
        r := bufio.NewScanner(f)
        for r.Scan() {
            line := r.Bytes()
            if bytes.HasPrefix(line, pfx) {
                var size uint64
                _, err := fmt.Sscanf(string(line[4:]), "%d", &size)
                if err != nil {
                    return 0, err
                res += size
        if err := r.Err(); err != nil {
            return 0, err
        return res, nil

    This function returns the PSS (Proportional Set Size) for a given PID, expressed in KB. If you have just started the process, you should have the rights to access the corresponding /proc file.

    Tested with kernel 3.0.13.

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