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I am learning go and when playing with string I noticed that if a string is in single quotes then golang is giving me an error but double quotes are working fine.

func main() {
    var a string
    a = 'hello' //will give error
    a = "hello" //will not give error

This is the error I get on my system:

illegal rune literal

While when I try to do the same on playground I am getting this error:

prog.go:9: missing '
prog.go:9: syntax error: unexpected name, expecting semicolon or newline or }
prog.go:9: newline in string
prog.go:9: empty character literal or unescaped ' in character literal
prog.go:9: missing '

I am not able to understand the exact reason behind this as in for example Python, Perl one can declare a string with both single and double quote.

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我正在学习go,在玩字符串时,我发现如果字符串用单引号引起来,那么golang就会给我 错误,但双引号可以正常工作。

  func main(){
 var a string 
a ='hello'//将给出错误
a =“ hello” //将不给出错误




  prog.go:9:缺少'\  nprog.go:9:语法错误:意外的名称,应使用分号或换行符,或者} 
prog.go:9  :缺少'


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  • dongpaozhi5734 2016-01-09 07:59

    In Go, '⌘' represents a single character (called a Rune), whereas "⌘" represents a string containing the character .

    This is true in many programming languages where the difference between strings and characters is notable, such as C++.

    Check out the "Code points, characters, and runes" section in the Go Blog on Strings

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  • dongpu1881 2018-10-31 06:57

    Go is a statically typed language. Also GO is not a scripting language. Though we see GO is running like a scripting language, it is compiling the source we write and then execute the main function. So, we should treat GO as C, JAVA, C++ where single quote '' is used to declare characters (rune, char) unlike scripting languages like Python or JavaScript.

    I think as this is a new language, and current trend is lying with scripting languages, this confusion has been occurred.

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