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I try to create configuration file for my go app what loops through some jobs.

My .yaml file looks like that (array):

  - name: This is my first job to run
    sqlToRun: select 1 from some_table
    someVariable: 1

  - name: Other job to run
    sqlToRun: select 2 from some_table
    someVariable: 2

I have successfully imported the YAML file and created also structure.

    type Service struct {
        JobToRun []struct {
            Name         string `yaml:"name"`
            SQLToRun     string `yaml:"SqlToRun"`
            SomeVariable int    `yaml:"someVariable"`
        } `yaml:"jobToRun"`

But I have no idea how to assign them to variable.

I tried some stuff what work with Json array-s but without any luck.

So I tried to print it to console without any luck:


before that I tried to assign that SQL to my variable (which works if it is not an array item.

var sqlQuery = service.JobToRun.name[0] 

And here is what I try to accomplish:

I take the Job parameters from .yaml array and run it.
I am using that kind of array in YAML because it is easiest way to add new jobs.

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  • drsb77336 2019-06-10 14:07

    ah as soon as i posted it i facepalmed.


    so the reason was that "JobToRun is an array not "Name"

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