duanchao1002 2018-05-02 13:48
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I am trying out following sample snippet to run on my vscode editor

below is a snippen which i think is problematic. Vscode does point to some error but maybe I am missing that.


package main

import {
    _ "github.com/lib/pq"

type App struct {
    Router *mux.Router
    DB *sql.DB
//init and other functions here


package main

type product struct {
   ID    int     `json:"id"`
   Name  string  `json:"name"`
   Price float64 `json:"price"`
//some code below

When I try to run vscode debugger with above given settings, it gives me below errors:

can't load package: package .: 
app.go:3:8: expected 'STRING', found '{'
app.go:4:2: expected ';', found 'STRING' "database/sql"
exit status 1
Process exiting with code: 1

I am not able to debug as this is very vague to me and I have tried looking for it on other forums. Would be greatful if someone can help with what to do with the above error.

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  • dougong5285 2018-05-02 13:50

    The import block is supposed to be surrounded in parentheses, not braces.

    import (
        _ "github.com/lib/pq"
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