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My files: signup.php, form.php, success.php, failure.php.

In signup.php there's an area <div id="myarea"></div>. Inside of this block I load the form.php by default via <?php include ("form.php"); ?>.

Now I want to show the success.php or failure.php whether the signup was successfull or not.

My Question: How can I replace the content/loaded file in myarea? (Until now I did not wrote the file the data of the form is sent to.)

EDIT: I'm new to php and so on

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  • weixin_33698823 2019-01-23 17:51

    This is not using ES2017, but it is a simple example and will give you the general idea.

    I assume you are using ajax to verify the login, so something like below.

    When you come back from the ajax (that is, inside the ajax .done() or .success or whatever-you-use function, you can either use $.load() to load the new content and $('#myarea').html() to replace the content of the #myarea div, or even something as simple as $('#someHiddenDiv').show() to reveal a previously hidden div.

    Here is a simplistic example:

    var my_id = $('#loginid').val();
    var my_pw = $('#loginpw').val();
        type: 'post',
         url: 'ajax/login.php',
        data: 'id=' +my_id+ '&pw=' +my_pw,
        if (recd==1) {
            var newhtml = $.load('success.php');
            alert('Please try logging in again');

    Now that you see a very basic example, here is how we do it these days:

    How to do AJAX in 2018

    Understanding the Fetch API

    Async/Await in 2017




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