2015-04-04 19:50
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I have git pushed my entire Laravel code base for the application that I had created on my localhost to my OpenShift server. But nothing seems to have come out of it. The webpage is still blank. Can someone tell me what changes to make to the application settings so that it gets deployed properly?

I have deployed it at

Can someone please check and let me know what I might be doing wrong here?

While I was running the project on my localhost I has deployed it using:

php -S localhost:8888 -t public

Do I need to do something on similar lines here?

Update 1

I tried fetching the logs with rhc tail but got the following message:

You can tail this application directly with:
ssh -t <MY_SSH_URL> 'tail */log*/*'
Could not parse PKey: no start line
Usage: rhc tail <application>
Pass '--help' to see the full list of options

Then I tried it with the ssh -t... command suggested above, and this time I got this:

Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).

Any help at this moment would go a great way as I have been trying to deploy it since yesterday with no avail.

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我已经 git push 编辑了我创建的应用程序的整个Laravel代码库 在我的 localhost 上到我的OpenShift服务器。 但似乎没有任何结果。 该网页仍然是空白的。 有人可以告诉我对应用程序设置进行了哪些更改以便正确部署?



当我在 localhost 上运行项目时,我使用以下方式部署了它:

  php -S localhost:8888  -t public 



我尝试使用 rhc tail 获取日志,但收到以下消息:

 你可以尾 此应用程序直接使用:
ssh -t&lt; MY_SSH_URL&gt;  'tail * / log * / *'
Usage:rhc tail&lt; application&gt; 
&n'' -  help'查看完整的选项列表

然后我尝试使用上面建议的 ssh -t ... 命令,这次我得到了这个:

 < 代码>权限被拒绝(publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic)。

此时的任何帮助都会很有用,因为我一直在尝试 从昨天开始部署它没有用。

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