2014-09-27 08:16
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在openshift php应用程序中减少upload_max_filesize

I just updated upload_max_filesize to 2M and post_max_size to 4M in php.ini at /var/lib/openshift/xxx---app-id---xxx/php/configuration/etc/php.ini in my scalable PHP app and restarted the cartridge:

  $ rhc cartridge restart php -a "myapp"

And then the app

  $ rhc app restart -a "myapp"

But unfortunately, the upload size still remains the default 200 MB.

Please tell me where else to modify and what else to do to reduce maximum file upload size because 200 MB size is too large and dangerous to be public in my app.

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我刚刚将 upload_max_filesize 更新为2M, post_max_size 更新为4M 在我的可扩展PHP应用程序中的 / var / lib / openshift / xxx --- app-id --- xxx / php / configuration / etc / php.ini 的php.ini中重新启动了盒式磁带:

  $ rhc cartridge restart php -a“myapp”

然后是应用程序 \ n

  $ rhc app restart -a“myapp”

但不幸的是,上传大小仍然是默认的200 MB。

请告诉我在哪里修改以及如何减少最大文件上传大小,因为200 MB的大小太大而且在我的应用程序中公开是危险的。 \ n

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  • dream6120 2014-09-30 12:58

    Have you tried adding these into your .htaccess?

    php_value upload_max_filesize 2M
    php_value post_max_size 4M
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