2012-08-06 21:40
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Rails / PHP共存

I currently have an application that is built w/ PHP/MySQL using the Laravel Framework. I want to migrate this application over to Ruby on Rails but I total teardown/rebuild is not feasible. I am wondering how easily it would be to have a PHP application and a Rails application coexisting together and slowly migrating the code over.

Has anyone out there attempted this? If so, what are some noteworthy things that might be of use to me?

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我目前有一个使用 Laravel框架。 我想将此应用程序迁移到 Ruby on Rails ,但我完全拆解/重建是不可行的。 我想知道将PHP应用程序和Rails应用程序共存并慢慢迁移代码是多么容易。

有没有人试过这个? 如果是这样,对我来说可能有用的一些值得注意的事情是什么?

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  • douzuo5504 2012-08-06 21:59

    There is nothing that comes to my mind that would stop you from doing this. As long as you are ensuring consistency in your database all the time it should not be a problem.

    The most challenging task from my experience is to work around conventions in Rails, the naming of tables and columns for example. This is needed if you want to keep the database schema and it doesn't fit accidentally.

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