2017-03-24 09:55



Is it possible to set the installation order?

Currently I'm using Doctrine module that requires ext-mongo to be installed, but as I'm using the newer php version (7.0) I have mongodb installed instead. There's a alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter package that resolves installation problems. But there's one problem - Composer is trying to install Doctrine modules first, so that installation fails.

Currently I have to resolve this problem manually, but I can't do it any more as I'm going to pack my environment to a Docker image to let it be automatically deployed later.

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  • duan62819774 duan62819774 4年前

    From the docs of alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter


    $ composer require alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter

    If your project already has a dependency on ext-mongo, the command above may not work. This is due to a bug in composer, see

    To fix this, you can use the --ignore-platform-reqs switch when running the above command, or when running composer update with no composer.lock file present."

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