2009-10-13 16:11
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When coding in Visual Studio, I can have multiple website projects, and I'm able to switch between them by opening each website project on the local drive. I'm confused at how CodeIgniter handles this operation in Visual Studio. It seems the programming environment is the actual install location. How do I start to code a new website while preserving the code of the previous one? Is there a script to package a project, export the package, and then import it later?

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在Visual Studio中编码时,我可以有多个网站项目,我可以通过打开它们来切换它们 本地驱动器上的每个网站项目。 我对CodeIgniter如何在Visual Studio中处理此操作感到困惑。 编程环境似乎是实际的安装位置。 如何在保留上一个网站的代码的同时开始编写新网站的代码? 是否有一个脚本来打包项目,导出包,然后再导入它?

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  • drv13270 2009-10-13 22:15

    Codeigniter's documentation walks you through managing multiple applications with one installation

    As noted in the link above, after structuring your application folder,

    Each of your applications will need its own index.php file which calls the desired application.

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  • dongshan3759 2009-10-13 23:02

    I would like to further explain that after you have duplicated the index.php file you will need to go into your base directories .htaccess file and add a few new rewrite statements to the file.

    I have previously taken my application/controllers folder and added subdirectories for each application. The controller routing would have to reflect these changes.

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