2018-03-05 20:34
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Webpack Encore - 用PHP获取版本化文件

I installed Symfony 4 with Webpack Encore recently. I use some static assets to make a PDF with TCPDF. To do that, I used to get images with their path but with Webpack Encore versionning, filenames are different so I can't get images this way. Is there a solution to keep versionning and access these images in PHP ?


$logourl = trim("../public/build/images/tst_noir.png");
$pdf->Image($logourl, 135, 10.8, 42, 0);

Webpack app.js :


Webpack-config.js :

const Encore = require('@symfony/webpack-encore');

.addEntry('app', './assets/js/app.js');

module.exports = Encore.getWebpackConfig();

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我最近用Webpack Encore安装了Symfony 4。 我使用一些静态资产来制作带有TCPDF的PDF。 为此,我曾经用路径获取图像,但是使用Webpack Encore版本,文件名不同,所以我无法以这种方式获取图像。 有解决方案吗? 保持版本控制并在PHP中访问这些图像?


  $ logourl = trim(“../ public / build /  images / tst_noir.png“); 
 $ pdf->图片($ logourl,135,10.8,42,0); 

Webpack app.js :

  require('../ images / tst_noir.png'); 

Webpack-config。 js:

  const Encore = require('@ symfony / webpack-encore'); 
.setOutputPath('public / build /')
。  setPublicPath(的 'http://本地主机/ XXX /公/编译')(!Encore.isProduction())
.setManifestKeyPrefix( '构建/')
.addEntry('app','。/ assets / js / app.js'); 
nnnmodule.exports = Encore.getWebpackConfig(); 
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  • dongyuandou2521 2018-03-05 21:39

    If you have the Symfony configuration for the assets setup for the use on a website, you can use the assets.packages package to fetch the final display-ready URLs for a file:

    use Symfony\Component\Asset\Package;
    use Symfony\Component\Asset\VersionStrategy\EmptyVersionStrategy;
    $package = new Package(new EmptyVersionStrategy());
    // Absolute path
    echo $package->getUrl('/image.png');
    // result: /image.png
    // Relative path
    echo $package->getUrl('image.png');
    // result: image.png

    Versioning and URL prefixes should also be handled if the Symfony & Webpack configuration (or setting up the component directly) has been put in place.

    // webpack.config.js
    if (Encore.isProduction()) {

    Before Symfony 3.0, templating.helper.assets provided much the same functionality, but now you are more likely to use the framework.assets.json_manifest_path: config.

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