2017-09-27 10:34
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具有Userfrosting的RESTful API

I'm using UserFrosting to manage users with PHP, in my API and I want to use the login function in controller with POST method.

When i call the login function it return me as response

The CSRF code was invalid or not provided.

I still cannot get the csrf_token

Any idea?

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我正在使用UserFrosting在 API中使用 PHP 管理用户 我希望在POST方法中使用控制器中的登录功能。



我仍然无法获得 csrf_token \ n


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  • dsa456369 2017-09-28 15:41

    There is a UserFrosting Sprinkle that implements JWT authentication:

    Join us in chat if you have any questions about its use!

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  • dongpu4141 2017-09-27 13:06

    If you're developing an API (either for it to be consumed by an webplatform or mobile app) I belive it's better to have a different kind of authentication, namely, JWT authentication. In Laravel you have Passport to handle this Authentication with ease. I'm not sure how userFroasting uses laravel but if laravel version is above 5.3 you can use it.

    If it isn't there's always the option of making a costum JWT authentication.

    Here is the latest documentation for Passport

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