2011-04-21 08:28
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Paypal网络支付标准 - 退款。 他们可以通过Api完成吗?

I've been pulling my hair out going through the Paypal documentation maze. My question is simple. Is it possible to instigate a refund via an API call with web payments standard?

I know you can with the pro version as I've found various bits of documentation dotted around the place. I also found This bit of info from Paypal but it doesn't seem to mention any version requirements or a url to send the call to.

Many thanks!

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我一直在通过Paypal文档迷宫拉我的头发。 我的问题很简单。 是否可以通过带有网络付款标准的API通话来发起退款?

我知道您可以使用专业版,因为我发现了各种各样的内容 文字点缀在这个地方。 我还发现了这一点信息< / a>来自Paypal,但似乎没有提及任何版本要求或发送呼叫的网址。


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