2011-02-15 03:49
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So I have this problem, which I don't see how it's happening. Basically I have 2 arrays one of which has a list of apparatus and the other just has one apparatus that the user can operate. I want to have a dropdown list of all the apparatus avliable, but the default value that is selected is the one that they can operate (They can only operate one at a time) Here is the code, and I have an if statement to check if the user can operate it and selected = "selected" but that doesn't seem to be working (In firefox)... Any help would be great.


                            foreach ($apparatuslist as $apparatus):?>
                            <option value="<?php echo $apparatus['apparatus'];?>" <?php if ($driveron['apparatus'] == $apparatus['apparatus']){echo "SELECTED";} ?> ><?php echo substr($apparatus['apparatus'], 5); ?></option>

                            <?php endforeach;?>

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所以我遇到了这个问题,我看不出它是怎么回事。 基本上我有2个阵列,其中一个有一个设备列表,另一个只有一个用户可以操作的设备。 我想要一个可用的所有设备的下拉列表,但是所选择的默认值是他们可以操作的(他们一次只能操作一个)这是代码,我有一个if语句来检查 如果用户可以操作它并选择=“选中”但似乎没有工作(在Firefox中)......任何帮助都会很棒。


 foreach($ apparatuslist as $ apparatus):?&gt; 
&lt; option value =“&lt;?php echo $ apparatus ['apparatus'];  ?&gt;”中 &lt;?php if($ driveron ['apparatus'] == $ apparatus ['apparatus']){echo“SELECTED”;}?&gt;  &gt;&lt;?php echo substr($ apparatus ['apparatus'],5);  ?&gt;&lt; / option&gt; 
&lt;?php endforeach;?&gt; 
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  • dsebywql016137
    dsebywql016137 2011-02-15 04:18

    You have it right in your question, but not in your code

        foreach ($apparatuslist as $apparatus):?>
        <option value="<?php echo $apparatus['apparatus'];?>" <?php if ($driveron['apparatus'] == $apparatus['apparatus']){echo "selected=\"selected\"";} ?> ><?php echo substr($apparatus['apparatus'], 5); ?></option>
    <?php endforeach;?>

    Should do the trick..

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  • dongzhiman2162
    dongzhiman2162 2011-02-15 03:55

    correct syntax is: selected="selected" in OPTION tag

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  • douti0687
    douti0687 2011-02-15 04:28

    The code is correct. It's optional whether you write select="selected" or jus "selected" that doesn't effect firefox.The code is correct but not working means the problem in browser i guess. Either it is cache problem as newer version of firefox has cache problem or there may be other kind of problem in firefox. Please check in other computer's firefox.

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