duanfaxin7014 2016-05-11 09:30
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I am working on a Cordova project. I know that I can use either PHP or node.js to interact with mysql database.

I am curious to know that which approach is best; Should I use PHP or node.js to interact with MySQL database?

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  • duanrong3308 2016-05-11 09:42

    You should use whatever you are confortable with. I personally build Cordova apps with AngularJS (frontend) and NodeJS (backend). This choice, for me, is the best as I mostly build real time applications using socket.io as a communication channel.

    I became a fan of NodeJS, JavaScript in general, lately, so I'll choose this over PHP anytime. I think that NodeJS it's more flexible and offers you access to a lot more tools & libraries than PHP.

    To connect to mysql with NodeJS, you have this active maintained module: node-mysql.

    If your concern is performance, have a look at this topic: node.js MySQL performance

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