2016-08-16 19:00
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如何知道我的帖子请求来自PHP服务器中的phonegap / cordova应用程序

Let's say I have a Phonegap / cordova app and I want to make requests to my server with POSTs and GETs throught AJAX.

How can I secure my php file to do only if the post come from my app. E.G.

if($_POST["key"]==$secret_key_got_from_server) {
   // Do the things

I wanted to create a secure unique key with openssl, but if I hardcode it in the code to send it throught AJAX, anyone could just decompile my source code and get the key and do whatever he wants.

How could I make sure my post come from my phonegap app, or how can I securily code that key/token ?

I'm not quite sure if this question should be here or in security SE.

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假设我有一个Phonegap / cordova应用程序,我想通过AJAX向POST和GET发出请求 。

如果帖子来自我的应用程序,我怎样才能保护我的php文件。 EG

  if($ _ POST [“key”] == $ secret_key_got_from_server){

我想用openssl创建一个安全的唯一键,但是如果我在代码中对它进行硬编码以通过AJAX发送它,任何人都可以反编译我的源代码并获取密钥并做他想做的任何事情。 / p>


我不太满意 确定这个问题应该在这里还是在安全SE中。

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  • drhdjp97757 2017-12-28 19:38

    How could I make sure my post come from my phonegap app, or how can I securily code that key/token ?

    You can't. Full stop. Reverse engineering exists in the world, and that genie has been out of the bottle for at least 40 years.

    Ask yourself, "Why is it necessary to ensure that the data can only come from my app?" You're very likely trying to solve the wrong problem.

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  • douzao1119 2016-08-16 19:46

    To check whether the origin of the given POST message is legitimate user or not, you should consider the authentication of the message. There can be various ways to achieve the authentication, but common way is to use token that is issued when sign up or login process. If the post message contains valid token, we can regard that the message is sent from valid user and otherwise is not a valid request. Recently JWT is widely used for web application. These sites may be helpful: JWT.io, JWT - Wikipedia

    In this case, if attackers can capture and modify your POST message, then the your scheme fails. To prevent this attack scenario, you need to encrypt your message. As you say, if you hardcode the secret key on the client side app, attackers can know the key by analyzing the client side app. So the better way is to encrypt the message by using the public key of the server. Public key is only for the encryption and it is computationally impossible to decrypt message using the public key. Decryption is done by private key which should be securely stored in the server.

    These public key and private key based encryption methods are called public key cryptosystem (PKC). For instance, RSA and ECC are most well-known public key crypyosystem.

    For the web application, HTTPS protocol is provided. You can encrypt your POST message using HTTPS.

    Note that Encryption itself doesn't provide integrity and authentication. Encryption just hide the message, but not guarantee that the message is sent from the valid user.

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