2015-11-15 21:58
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Netbeans IDE版本8.0.1太慢了

I Want some plugins to keep remain in this listMy Netbeans IDE version 8.0.1 is too slow

I'm running netbeans on a Win8 32bit I'm working on PHP+HTML+Js I don't Use Java

When I use Netbeans And Chrome for About 1hr, It Will Shows Not Responding...

I think I Had Too Many unwanted Plugins....

How do I Restore to Default

Is there any configuration needed???

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我希望一些插件保留在此列表中我的Netbeans IDE版本8.0.1太慢了

我在Win8 32bit上运行netbeans I' 我正在使用PHP + HTML + Js 我不使用Java




是否需要配置 ???

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  • duanqin7791 2015-11-15 22:46

    enter image description hereTo uninstall unwanted plugins .

    Go to tools > plugins >Installed > select the (user installed plugins)-unwanted plugins > Uninstall .

    restart Netbeans .

    if you don't know which are the default plugins in NetBeans . you can see in image below.enter image description here

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