2014-01-10 23:39
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NetBeans IDE - PHP提示问题

I just installed NetBeans IDE 7.4 on my PC, because I heard that it's nice for code writing. Then I set up a new project from existing source files and when it opened NetBeans showed hints on places where it should not. For example:

$Data = Database::Map("lang/string");
if($Data["lang"] != "") return true;
return false;

And NetBeans hints me that If-Else statements must use braces. Well, as I know braces aren't required if after the if there is only one line code to run. Another example:

public static function checkUrl(){

NetBeans says that Method length is 12(10 allowed). I don't even know what this error is about.

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我刚刚在我的电脑上安装了NetBeans IDE 7.4,因为我听说代码编写很好。 然后我从现有的源文件中设置一个新项目,当它打开时,NetBeans显示了不应该出现的地方的提示。 例如:</ p>

  $ Data = Database :: Map(“lang / string”); 
if($ Data [“lang”]!=“”)return true;  
return false; 
 </ code> </ pre> 

NetBeans提示我 If-Else语句必须使用大括号</ code>。 好吧,因为我知道如果只有一行代码可以运行,则不需要大括号。 另一个例子:</ p>

  public static function checkUrl(){
 </ code> </ pre> 

NetBeans说方法长度是 12(允许10个)</ code>。 我甚至都不知道这个错误是什么。 </ p> </ div>

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