2011-12-27 14:20

如何在NetBeans IDE中使用Go语言?


How to setup Go language in NetBeans IDE?. (Like i am already using Python, C/C++, Java, Php, BASH already in one NetBeans IDE).

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  • dongxian3852 dongxian3852 10年前

    Although I've never used it, there appears to only be one Go plugin for NetBeans. Their official website says that it provides syntax highlighting and templates for Go. I'm not sure if it's everything you're looking for, but it appears to be the only option at this point in time.

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  • dougou6213 dougou6213 5年前

    because NetBeans is maven-oriented IDE just out of the box, I use NB with maven through mvn-golang plugin and made some very restricted plugin contains project and file templates, may be in future will make syntax highlighting

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