2014-09-22 16:19
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I am connecting to a SSH server using PHP and there is file called difference in the server. I want to check whether it is empty or not and echo something depending on the result.

I am aware of the function :


But this will work in in the localhost directory. I want to check in the SSH server. How Should i proceed...?

PS : I use ssh2 to connect to ssh server

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我使用 PHP 连接到 SSH服务器 服务器中有文件名为差异。 我想检查它是否为空,并根据结果回显。

我知道 函数:

  file_get_contents(“./ difference”)

但是这将在< code> localhost 目录。 我想检查SSH服务器。 我该怎么办......?

PS:我使用 ssh2 连接到ssh服务器

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  • dqp99585 2014-09-22 17:00

    you can use this ways :

    1) use ssh2.sftp protocol :

    $data  = file_get_contents('ssh2.s');

    2) use ssh2

    $ssh2_conn = ssh2_connect('', 22);
    ssh2_auth_password($ssh2_conn, 'username', 'password');
    $sftp_conn = ssh2_sftp($ssh2_conn);
    $file_stream = fopen("ssh2.sftp://$sftp_conn/path/to/one/file", 'r');
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