2014-08-27 10:34
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This is a web page for student results and 3 fields data i.e stu_class, section, exam is sending to controller and a json array data variable is coming back from controller to this page now i wanted to show that json variable's data on the webpage. So help me how to do so?



  var exam = $('#examination').val();

 var stu_class = $('#stu_class').val();
 var section = $('#section').val();
 var exam = $('#examination').val();

       type : "POST",
       dataType: "json",
       url : "<?php echo base_url('index.php/marksheet/student_result_database'); ?>",

       data : {
              stu_class : stu_class,
              section : section,
              exam : exam
       success: function(stu_data)
          var items = [];
          $.each( stu_data, function( key, val ) {   
               items.push( "<li id='" + key + "'>" + val['student'] + "</li>" );




And i need to copy the data of stu_data variable of jquery to php variable $stu_data so that i can run a loop to show the values in below fields like this-

<?php foreach($stu_data as $data): 
echo $data['id']; 
echo $data['student'];

Something like this. So programmers please help me..!

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  • dongmi4927 2014-08-27 10:48

    json_decode($str, true) -> turns a json-object into a php assoc array.

    json_decode($str, false) -> turns a json-object into a php object.

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