2013-07-18 02:58
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I am using the most recent version of EasyPHP (a PHP 5.5 installation) as of this writing and it does not have Pear installed. That wasn't a problem until I read about html_quickform2 which seemed like a useful utility but I couldn't figure out how to add it to my project. It's installable via Pear but that's not included with EasyPHP anymore and I'm not sure how to set it up.

Does anyone know how to do this? Otherwise, is there a simple PHP library that allows me to just drop a couple of PHP files into my application instead?

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在撰写本文时,我使用的是最新版本的EasyPHP(PHP 5.5安装),它没有 梨安装。 在我阅读html_quickform2之前这不是问题,这似乎是一个有用的实用程序,但我无法弄清楚如何将它添加到我的项目中。 它可以通过Pear安装,但不再包含在EasyPHP中了,我不知道如何设置它。

有谁知道怎么做? 否则,是否有一个简单的PHP库允许我将几个PHP文件放入我的应用程序中?

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