2019-04-01 09:58
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Sql whereNOTIn在laravel中

I need your support to use whereNOTIn with laravel 5 to show all id in (times) table and they not in (booking)table and user_id


The problem is 

I can't use




it gives me the result for the first ->where() and ignore

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  • dsdsm2016 2019-04-01 17:08

    You are in right track but , first thing you need to know is wherenotin is used to compare your value with the array of values , so first you need is a array of value : here is simple example to help you to understand a bit clearly so you can go through the problem : by using query builder DB::table('tablename')->select('fieldname')->whereNotIn('field1', [100,200])->get(); or by using qlequent model

    SomeModel::select('fieldname')->whereNotIn('field1', arraytmp)->get();

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