2015-12-23 02:22
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如何加快Netbeans 8.1本地同步

I have "special" win 2008R2 server that cannot have FTP, SFTP, ssh or WebDAV installed. I'm trying to use netbeans local sync of php files to a share..

Netbeans 8.1 is painfully slow syncing files. I have about 500 files. It has been running for over 4 hrs.. and still not finished.

Any suggestions on how to speed this up ?

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我有“特殊”win 2008R2服务器,无法安装FTP,SFTP,ssh或WebDAV。 我正在尝试将php文件的netbeans本地同步用于共享..

Netbeans 8.1同步文件很慢。 我有大约500个文件。 它已运行超过4小时..但仍未完成。


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  • doubi5520 2016-01-10 08:48

    Netbeans does not have a fix for the slow synchronization issue. Other work arounds are required which may include FTP and volume/directory mirroring.

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