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So My website is already built and fully functional on I built it using ajax, jquery,html, and php , so I am trying to figure when converting over to phonegap am I creating all new php files to attach to phonegap server or am I just calling/wrapping my website using the files I already have from my website , I guess what im trying to ask is when I edit my website files using FTP should my app be automatically updated because im using ajax to call php files on my website server or do i need to create the files separate it should have 0 affect on my app unless I edit that as well ,

The reason why im asking because all of my website php files checking to see if cookies and sessions are set else redirect to index.php and dont really understand how thats going to work using the phonegap app, completely new to this , hope im being very clear on what im asking

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所以我的网站已经构建完全正常,我使用ajax,jquery,html和php构建它,所以 我正在尝试转换为phonegap,我创建所有新的PHP文件以附加到phonegap服务器或我只是使用我已经从我的网站上的文件调用/包装我的网站,我想我想问的是什么时候 如果我的应用程序被自动更新,我使用FTP编辑我的网站文件因为我使用ajax在我的网站服务器上调用php文件或者我需要单独创建文件它应该对我的应用程序有0影响,除非我编辑它,< / p>

为什么即时通知要求,因为我所有的网站php文件检查是否设置了cookie和会话,否则重定向到index.php并且真的不明白这是如何使用phonegap app工作的 ,对此非常陌生,希望我非常清楚我要问的是什么

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  • dongyou9373 2017-09-07 06:39

    You can Load your website to the app using Jquery load() or by Ajax or by InApp browser.

    If you want to show your website to a div, you can do it by load() or by ajax call


    <div id="Load"></div>
    <div id="ajax"></div>


    /*Using Jquery Load()*/
    /*Using ajax*/
      success:function(data) {

    OR by Inapp browser


    Before using inappbrowser you must install the plugin to your project To add inappbrowser to project by commanline

    $ phonegap local plugin add https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/cordova-plugin-inappbrowser.git
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