2015-05-11 13:57
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I'm trying to use Volley to send a Username and Password to a php which uses that inputs to compare then to see if everything is correct, and send back the informations, like name and picture, but I'm not understanding how to make this communication, on internet I've found how to receive, but not how to send values... I'm beginner, so please be patient. xP Thanks.

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我正在尝试使用Volley将用户名和密码发送到使用该输入进行比较的php 看看一切是否正确,并发回信息,如姓名和图片,但我不知道如何进行这种沟通,在互联网上我已经找到了如何接收,但不知道如何发送价值...... 我是初学者,所以请耐心等待。 xP 谢谢。

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