2015-01-12 16:39
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I try to run the openwebanalytics software locally under wampserver and joomla using the instructions of this video.

I have created the db.

I have insert the owa file under the joomla site.

I type in my browser the path for the file


and press the start button.

In the next step I get this error but I can insert the data for the db.

I press the button for the next step and I get only warnings.

What could be possible wrong with the process?

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我尝试运行的说明,在wampserver和joomla下本地使用nofollow noreferrer“> openwebanalytics 软件 视频。


我已经在joomla网站下插入了owa文件。 \ n


  <  / pre> 





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  • douyou9923 2015-01-13 09:18

    That is a WARNING Message generated by PHP telling you that you are running OLD code which is using PHP core functions that have been deprecate. That means they are telling you that this fuction call will not exist in future versions of PHP and that you should change the scripts that use it if you ever want to upgrade PHP in the future.

    In order to get this old code to run under this version of PHP, you can actually tell PHP not to generate these warnings.

    Edit the php.ini, using the wampmanager menus ( to make sure you edit the correct file.

    wampmanager -> PHP -> php.ini

    Look for this line

    error_reporting = E_ALL

    and chnage it to

    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED

    This is of course only a work around. The code will still need to be changed eventually, and this will only work for you until you upgrade to a version of PHP where this function has been completely removed.

    You should contact the developer of the OWA addon to get it fixed or make sure you have the latest version of OWA.

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  • duanlipeng4136 2015-01-12 19:22

    It is the version of php. I use php 5.5 and in order to run it without problem I have to use php 5.4 or later.

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