2013-04-28 06:33
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I'm trying to take input, gameName, which is very sensitive to leading spaces as it needs to work with other functions.

When I enter it into the input field, there is no space. When I check it in the DB, directly after being processed, there is a space in front of it. When I pull it from the DB, there is no space, and reinserting it to the DB (after being pulled) removes the space.

The offending code for the page is:

if (isset($_GET) && $_GET['page'] == 'addGame') {
    if (isset($_GET) && $_GET['page'] == 'addGame' && $_GET['action'] == 'success') {
      <h2>Game added to database.</h2>
      <h4><a href='index.php?page=addGame'>Add another</a> or choose something new to do.</h4>
    } else {
      <legend><h2>Add game</h2></legend>

      <form name='addGame' id='addGame' method='POST'>
        <input type='text' name='gameName' placeholder='Game name' required /><br />
        <textarea name="gameDesc" class="span12" rows="10" placeholder='Game description' required></textarea><br />
        <input type='submit' name='submitNewGame' class='btn btn-primary' /><br />


The add game proc you see is:

    if (isset($_POST['submitNewGame']) && $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST') {
        $database = new database('localhost','wwwander_sradmin','editedout','wwwander_srmain','mysqli');

            //save and escape entered material
            $gameName = ltrim($_POST['gameName']);
            $gameDesc = $database->escapeString($_POST['gameDesc']);

            //check that material not already in db
            $checkDB = $database->queryDB("SELECT * FROM mainSite_games WHERE gameName='$gameName' AND gameDesc='$gameDesc'");
            if ($database->dbNumRows($checkDB) == 1) {
                echo "Game already in database";
            } else {
                //add entered material into db
                $addToDB = $database->queryDB("INSERT INTO mainSite_games(gameName, gameDesc) VALUES(\" $gameName \", \" $gameDesc \")");
                if (!$addToDB) {
                    echo "An error occured.";
                } else {
                    header('Location: index.php?page=addGame&action=success');


You can see my tried and failed ltrim there.

Of course, SO is my last try here. I've done all I know. Any ideas? Any more resources I can provide that I've left out?


After being pulled, there IS a space. The reason I said there wasn't is because where I usually pull it, it's going into a select, where I suppose spaces don't matter since they aren't taken into account? I dunno.

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  • douxie7738 2013-04-28 06:47

    Change :

    VALUES(\" $gameName \" 

    to :


    I think the space you're seeing is the one directly after the quotes

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