2017-12-12 13:00
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My problem with getting the commenter is that I save the user Id when it comments and I return all comments below the post, but when I try to return the username as well, Laravel gives an error, I guess it is becouse it doesn't know for which user id it should return the username from users table. Currently the controller for comments is as following:

$comments = DB::select("Select * from comments where article_id = $articleID");

I get the $articleID vie the route in orther to find the article content from database and I use it in comments table as well to find the comments that belong to the the specific article. But when I try to for example

$commenter = User::where('id', $comments->user_id)->first();

it fails. I tried a few version of this type SQL commands but does not work. Because it doesn't know which commenter I'm talking about (I guess). Do you have any idea about how I can do it?

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  • douyejv820598 2017-12-12 13:23

    You have to use a foreach for that. If you need to have the user for each comment, you should iterate over the comments to achieve this. Ex:

    $comments = DB::select("Select * from comments where article_id = $articleID");
    foreach ($comments as $comment) {
        $commenter = User::where('id', $comment->user_id)->first();

    If you want to get all the users that has comments in the article, you should try to search for users and use the established relationships. The main idea is something like this.

    In the User Model you have to set a relation with comments:

    public function comments()

    Then, you can use whereHas to search using these relations:

    $users = User::whereHas('comments', function ($q1) use ($articleId) {
        $q1->where('article_id', $articleId);

    This way you will have a list of all users that have commented on this article.

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