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Guide on how to setup XDebug on Vagrant (Homestead) with VSCode


  1. PHP 7.1
  2. VSCode 1.16.1
  3. XDebug 2.5.5
  4. Vagrant 1.9.8
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    duanni5726 duanni5726 2017-09-21 18:25

    This guide is based on Vagrant (Homestead 6), PHP 7.1, Xdebug 2.55, VSCode. Homestead uses Ubuntu 16.04

    1. Install Vagrant
    2. Add Homestead box to Vagrant. You can find more info about Laravel Homestead

    3. Homestead folder has, copy these LINES to to install xdebug after initialization of vagrant.

    4. Don't forget to specify php: "7.1" in Homestead.yamlat sites

    5. Run vagrant up or vagrant reload --provision

    6. If everything is correct, you should see this lines after vagrant up or vagrant reload --provision enter image description here

    7. Install VSCode and PHPDebug extension on local machine

    8. Open VSCode -> click "Debug" -> click "Configure or Fix 'launch.json'"

    9. Use this launch.json to setup PHPDebug extension.

    10. Set breakpoint in any file, click on "Play" in debugger

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