2017-03-30 05:33
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I have a setup where k8s is running. When i run the "curl http://< host-ip>/api/v1/pods" i get all the pod details running on my setup. I need to do something similar using the k8s client instead, using the token/certificate authentication.

I did see some code which is similar "How can I create a simple client app with the Kubernetes Go library?" but this is not helping me much.

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  • dongyan7988 2017-03-30 05:45

    you can create your client using

    rest, err := clientcmd.BuildConfigFromFlags("", "kube-config-file")
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatal("Failed to load KubeConfig", err)
    client := clientset.NewForConfigOrDie(rest)
    pods, err := client.Core().Pods("").List(api.ListOptions{})

    if you running this inside the k8s cluster you can do it by

    rest, err := clientcmd.BuildConfigFromFlags("", "")
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