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I am new in Phalcon .I create a PhalconPHP application which is get menu elements from database. I use a layout to create the menu which is called in index.volt, but the layout call directly the model function. I think this is not the best solution maybe i should use a controller between model and layout.

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$menus = Menus::find();

foreach ($menus as $menu) {
    echo "<li>".$menu->name."</li>";


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Phalcon PHP Framework</title>

            <?php $this->partial("layouts/menus") ?>
        {{ content() }}


I would really appreciate, that somebody tell me what is the best solution for that.

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  • doutuobao4004 2015-03-02 09:32

    In case of generating menu, you are looking probably for extending yout BaseController class. It's quite good practice for generating content you need on all your controllers like menu, meta-data or breadcrumbs.

    class BaseController extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Controller {
        function initialize() {
            $menus = Menus::find(array(
                 // you may want to condition query based on user cookie
                 // or controller you are in
                'conditions' => 'controller = "' . $this->dispatcher->getControllerName() . '"'
            // and set it as View variable to use it if you want
            $this->view->setVar('menus', $menus);

    And set all your controllers to use that as default:

    class DefaultController extends BaseController { }

    Than in menus.phtml:

        foreach ($menus as $menu) {
            echo "<li>".$menu->name."</li>";

    should be enough. Looks better in Volt:

    {% for menu in menus %}
            <a href="{{ menu.url }}">{{ }}</a>
    {% enfor %}

    In case of more complex problems, like generating content only on 50% of your pages, you may want to put into View only parameters, eg.:

    $this->view->setVar('menus', array(
        'conditions' => 'controller = "' . $this->dispatcher->getControllerName() . '"'

    but that may be considered as not an elegant solution and is not preventing you from getting your hands on model in your View, what I assume you'd like to avoid. Slightly better would be setting an built query of queryBuilder and running its ->execute() in view loop, to not stress DB as long as it's not necessary.

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