2018-10-10 14:12
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I have a php application (Non Laravel) hosted on domain.loc.

I need to access the session data of that to login to another application which is developed using Laravel and hosted in same domain (it's address is 'domain.loc/testing').

domain.loc -- [Non Laravel App]

domain.loc/testing -- [Laravel App]

Is there any possible way to access a session of non-laravel application in a laravel application without using token-based authentication.

Or is there anyway where we can authenticate a laravel application via a non-laravel application ?

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我在 domain.loc 上托管了一个php应用程序(非Laravel)。

我需要访问 login session 数据到另一个使用Laravel开发并托管在同一域中的 应用程序(它是 地址是'domain.loc / testing')。

domain.loc - [Non Laravel App]

域。 loc / testing - [Laravel App]

是否有任何方法可以在不使用令牌的情况下访问laravel应用程序中的非laravel应用程序会话 基于 身份验证。


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