2013-04-11 21:30

phonegap / cordova PayPal集成


I'm trying to integrate PayPal payments within my Phonegap app. I can't see a cross platform way to do it.

I can only see OS specific plugins which I can't use in Phonegap build. Is there a way of integrating it using the childbrowser? Also, I failed to find a plugin for Blackberry.

Note: I use Phonegap build, so I prefer a plugin-less solution.

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  • doob0526 doob0526 8年前

    what you can do is the in app browser to connect to a php driven page online and there do your paypal stuff.


    function onDeviceReady() {
         var ref = window.open('http://apache.org', '_blank', 'location=yes');
         ref.addEventListener('loadstart', function() { alert('start: ' + event.url); });
         ref.addEventListener('loadstop', function() { alert('stop: ' + event.url); });
         ref.addEventListener('exit', function() { alert(event.type); });

    Remember to white list the url that you will be using within phonegap else you will not to be able to make a connection.

    On the php side write your own restfull api to handle the processing of the payments try to minimize the data sent to and from the api also try to use a secure connection if possible.

    paypal examples can be found here: https://www.x.com/developers/paypal/documentation-tools/paypal-code-samples

    its a solution but i do advise to use plugins for every platform, with those you can better guarantee safety, less bugs and less development time.

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