2013-01-01 07:53
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So I am working within a PHP framework that puts all of its CSS inside PHP files. In short, the CSS files are called CSS.php even though they do not contain any PHP (just CSS).

I have found that the CSS auto-complete does not like this. Is there anyway to tell netbeans to treat all the code inside these files as CSS without changing the extension?

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所以我在PHP框架内工作,将所有CSS放在PHP文件中。 简而言之,CSS文件称为CSS.php,即使它们不包含任何PHP(只是CSS)。

我发现CSS自动完成不喜欢这个。 反正有没有告诉netbeans将这些文件中的所有代码都视为CSS而不更改扩展名?

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  • doumi4974 2016-05-27 10:57

    You can use a trick as following:

    <?php header("Content-type: text/css; charset: UTF-8");?>

    Also put whatever other files you need to require before beginning of your css code as:

    <?php require 'config.php';?>

    Then finally add this line of code which will trick NetBeans to think that you're writing inline css in php file and will work as nothing but a comment line in css file:


    Because otherwise if you just add <style> to your file if will cause problems when loaded and you will have to put it, work on the file and then remove it, and then recursively put/remove it back whenever you need editing with highlighting and code completion support from NetBeans for the subjected file.

    I also highly recommend emmet plugin for NetBeans; a total time saver. I hope this will be helpful for anyone out there.

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  • dongwen3437 2013-01-01 08:11

    In netbeans CSS code higlighting and complete in CSS files or inside <style> tags.

    Not sure is possible use this tags inside CSS files. but you can try this.

    And other way is use .css files and in framework use <?php include("style.css"); ?> or CSS import directive.

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