2015-04-28 11:27
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RESTful API - 收集Laravel 5的数组

I'm having issues with an array returned from DB::select(). I'm heavily using skip and take on Collections of eloquent models in my API. Unfortunately, DB::select returns an array, which obviously doesn't work with skip and take's. How would one convert arrays to a collection that can utilise these methods?

I've tried


Which doesn't quite work as I expected, as it wraps the entire array in a Collection, not the individual results.

Is it possible to convert the return from a DB::select to a 'proper' Collection that can use skip and take methods?


I've also tried:

$query = \Illuminate\Support\Collection::make(DB::table('survey_responses')->join('people', '',
        '=', 'survey_responses.recipient_id')->select('', 'survey_responses.response',
        'survey_responses.score', '', '')->get());

Which still tells me:

FatalErrorException in QueryHelper.php line 36:
Call to a member function skip() on array


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